Shingles - Roofing in Bastrop, TX

One of the most important features of your home is the roof, yet it is one of the most commonly overlooked maintenance tasks. Many homeowners do not contact a roofing company until they begin to notice a leak in their home. Unfortunately, by the time the leak is noticeable, the structural elements of your home may have already suffered extensive damages. To reduce the risk of serious damages, here are some signs that it's time for a roof repair.

Curling, Buckling and Blistering

If you notice curling and buckling shingles, it generally means the shingles have become brittle and warped. When the shingles curl, they are not strong enough to withstand the elements, which can result in significant leaking in several areas of the roof.
Buckling or blistering shingles are general the result of age and exposure to significant hail or wind storms. Shingles in this condition are pulling away from the sub-roofing, which weakens the protection they can provide against the elements.

Thinning Shingles

Overtime wind, rain, UV rays and age can damage shingles causing them to become thin, which presents a high risk of possible leaks. If you notice asphalt granules under down-spouting, on the tops of window sills or on the ground, it's a sign of thinning shingles. You should replace thinning shingles as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Termite Damage

Roofing and termites aren't typically thought of together, but termites are notorious for causing damage to the wood paneling and support beams under the shingles.  One of the first signs of possible termite damage is if you notice small piles of sawdust in your attic. If you notice any signs of termites, you should contact an exterminator to spray for the termites and a roofing contractor to inspect the roofing components for possible damage caused by the termites.

Tree Damage

The trees on your property are beneficial for providing shade on sunny days; however, when tree limbs hang over the roof it can create serious roofing problems. The tree limbs, especially if they break and fall during a heavy storm, can puncture the roof and hanging limbs can rub the surface of the shingles, which can wear away the protective top layer.

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are a sure sign that it's time for your roof to be repaired. It is often hard to identify a roof leak until there are signs of water damage, so the safest thing to do is to schedule regular inspections of the roof. Signs of a roof leak may include water stains in the attic or on ceilings and walls, wet insulation and peeling paint. If you address a roof leak right away, you can prevent the risk of it developing into something major.


A buildup of algae can cause significant damage to the roofing system. If algae is allowed to sit on the shingles for long periods of time, it gradually spreads and begins to break down the granules that make up the top layer of shingles. As the shingles break down, it allows moisture to get into your attic, which may eventually cause significant damage to the structure as well as the interior of your home.
Your home is dependent on its structure and the structure is dependent on the quality and condition of your roof. So, it is essential that you ensure the roof is doing the job it is intended to do. Scheduling routine inspections and arranging for roof repairs as soon as they are needed will help to prevent more significant damages.
If you notice signs of roof damage or want to schedule a roofing inspection, contact Capital of Texas Roofing & Siding for a consultation. We'll be happy to inspect your roof and assess the possible damage.